Tips for Marathon Training

5 Simple Tips for Marathon Training





Looking to participate in your first marathon? Or, perhaps you’re looking to complete a marathon with a better time. These 5 simple tips for marathon training should help you in completing and gaining a competitive edge for that big day!

1. Your running program should consist of 3-5 days a week of actual running. The remaining days should be spent RESTING. Rest is key to recovery for marathon training.
2. Every week your training should equate out to 20-30 miles all together.
3. Start early- You should have 4 months of prep time to get ready for the marathon. The month of the event you should be able to total 50 miles of running in one week.
4. Interval and tempo- Some weeks you can push yourself a little harder. Try mixing in a fast-paced mile followed by a casual jog the next half mile. You can even run a hard 5-10 miles to really gauge where you are in your training. This style of training also helps build mental toughness for race day. Just make sure an easy rest day is following that hard training.
5. Hydration- Always remain hydrated during and after training. Stash water bottles on a looped route or carry a hydration pack. You can even include sport drinks to keep glycogen levels adequate for the longer distance run days.

When it comes to race day don’t try to wear anything new, and don’t change up your morning routines. Do what you have been doing in training and remember to shop the Runner Island collection for all your marathon gear!