Tennis Tips for Beginners





Ready to be the best tennis player ever, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. Here's five tips that every tennis beginner needs to focus on before getting started--


  • The Forehand- As this will be your main swing in tennis, you will want to get comfortable with this stroke. Make sure you are gripping with your dominant hand at the lowest point of the racket. When returning a ball with the forehand stroke make sure as to not wind up for the return. Instead, try to meet the ball directly next to your body and follow through all the way to your opposite shoulder having your dominant elbow point to where you want the ball to go.


  • Backhand- The backhand swing is a little more complicated as it requires two hands to properly control and return the ball. When hitting backhand you generally want a baseball- bat style grip on the racket. Just like with the forehand swing, you need to follow through with your swing by having the racket start mid-body and going all the way over to your dominant shoulder. When hitting backhand, make sure your body is completely square with the ball so your dominant side foot is forward.


  • Overhand- All you have to do to be proficient in the overhand is make sure your dominant side hand is holding with the same grip as the forehand grip. Start with the racquet behind your back and your elbow facing the sky. When ready draw the racket up your back all the way to the highest point where the ball will be and slice downward towards you non-dominant outside knee.


  • Serving- Serving is just hitting with an overhand swing. Make sure when serving that you are completely sideways to your practice partner. Toss the ball straight above yourself and follow through with the overhand swing as described above.


  • Getting to the ball- When returning any sort of hit from your partner, you always want to make sure to meet the ball where it is going to bounce to. Easier said than done, right? Well, with practice you will begin to anticipate where the ball is going to land. When you do, make sure to meet the ball as it is bouncing up and try to plan ahead….. Will you need to return the ball backhanded? Always make sure that you are square to the ball and not so open with your stance. Being square to the ball meaning both of your feet are pointing to the ball and not your partner.


Now, go out and apply these tips to your game. Remember, be consistent, shop Runner Island and have as much fun as possible!