The Benefits of Running with Dogs


Ready to go on a run with your fur friend? We’ve got the Top 5 reasons why exercising is so important—especially with your dog.

  1. Team Work Makes the Dream Work – Slowing down? Your fur friend can help speed it up! A fur friend running partner will help you to push harder and run farther (it’s natural instinct!)
  2. Consistency Will Keep You & Your Dog Going—We know it’s difficult to wake up in the early morning cold and go for a run; however, consistency is key (for humans and dogs!) Studies show that people who run with their dogs are more likely to stick with a morning routine long term!
  3. Helps to Strengthen Muscles—You may not know it, but running is great for making your muscles stronger. In addition, it helps to strengthen your dog’s muscles as well! Muscle plays a big role in many of your dog’s body functions—including energy level, metabolism, movement, balance and more!
  4. Reduces Stress—Studies have shown that an active lifestyle, for both humans and dogs, is necessary in order to achieve less stress and anxiety.
  5. Metabolism—Running is definitely one way to boost your metabolism. A healthy digestive system is essential for both humans and dogs when it comes to functioning properly and maintaining sufficient energy.

We believe you have what it takes to boost your mental and physical—even more so, we believe that it’s easier to accomplish with a little friend by your side. Remember that consistency is key, and good luck!