Tennis Outfit Must-Haves for Women

It's no secret that tennis is a sport that comes with plenty of impact and sprinting. During the spring and summer months, it's easy to get court exhaustion in a short amount of time. That's why it's important to find an outfit with breathability, premium stitching, compression and light coloring. Here are 10 tennis outfit must-haves for women-- easily interchangeable and designed to keep you cool during a steamy tennis match:

1. The Runner Island V Waist Tennis Golf Skirt White Ball Pockets features buttery soft fabric, a slightly flared front and back for better air flow, and a ball pocket per side on under shorts. In addition the high v-waist provides a flattering and comfortable waist band, so you're only focusing on the game!


2. The Runner Island Crop Sports Bra Tank Top features silky smooth water-resistant fabric perfect for playing a warm game of tennis in the spring or summer. It's design was purposeful in achieving moisture management, air flow, and receiving vitamin d. It features inner sporty mesh liner, wide open strappy back, and full front coverage with padding. 


3. Our best-selling Runner Island Tennis White Sports Bra Hoodie is the ultimate tennis sports bra top for women featuring a detachable hoodie, revealing strappy back & white body to keep you cool, and moisture managing fabrics. In addition, it features a modest cropped length perfect for pairing with a high waist skirt


4. The Dainty Rope Necklace is a super lightweight, sweat proof, and non-corrosive making it the perfect addition to any tennis outfit, adding glow and style. 


5. The White Sands Windbreaker Track Shorts are designed with a super lightweight and water-resistant Tafetta, adjustable neon rope waist drawstrings, and a loose retro dolphin cut for better movement while performing your favorite sport.  


6. The White Sands Windbreaker Jacket is designed with a super lightweight and water-resistant Tafetta, adjustable neon rope hoodie drawstrings, and a full-zip perfect for adjusting during an early morning or night tennis match. 


7. Our Tennis Bahama Mama Outfit Bundle Set features our gorgeous Palm Leaves Triathlete Sports Bra, high v-waist tennis ball pocket skirt, and silver sweat proof anklet for added flare. This outfit's highlighted sports bra product is ideal for cooler island temperatures while playing tennis, and can be worn for water sports as well. 


8. The Retro Dolphin Shorts & Cropped Cami Set is the perfect lightweight and light-color solution to warm tennis matches during the spring and summer. Choose from a heather grey or light blue with white accents, both 100% comfortable and airy cotton.  


9. The Tennis Ball Pocket Leggings are designed with a snug built-in elastic waistband perfect for staying up-and-on. The sporty mesh paneling is water-resistant and allows for better air flow. It's a tennis player favorite with 2 large side pockets for tennis balls. 


10. This last product was a tough decision considering most of these pieces have highlighted practicality and keep cool. However, our Groove Hinged Huggie Hoop Earrings add a serious sophistication to any tennis outfit. It's designed with sweat proof materials and hold true to the feminine styles of the Wimbledon Championships