How to Run Faster and Longer Without Getting Tired


VO2 Max is the measure of Oxygen being used by your body during anaerobic activity. Increasing your VO2 max is beneficial because it allows you to run farther without fatiguing in your muscles as quickly. Increasing your VO2 Max will also allow you to run faster as your muscles will require less oxygenation from your blood.

Let's try it out!
Running at an incline of 1% on the treadmill simulates outdoor running which will increase your VO2 Max. 1000 Meter runs while keeping an 8-minute 1-mile pace will increase your VO2 max. Just make sure to do it in 4 sets with 2–3-minute recovery between.

Hill sprints is also a great way to increase your VO2 max. RUN up a hill and jog back to your original starting point in 3-minute intervals. Start at 2 sets and increase up to 9 sets. 1–2-minute rest between sets.

Food to eat that will help increase your VO2 Max: cantaloupe, blueberries, pineapple.

Make sure to not over stress your body and push too hard outside of your ability. Start low and then gradually increase over time after increasing your starting VO2 Max.